09 December 2009


 Song Sparrow

What can ornithology do for you? Why study it? In no other branch of science have amateurs played such an important role: Margaret Nice's Life History of the Song Sparrow is a classic example. My students have written papers in their state bird journal. But I don't mean to make you all into scientists. Bird watching (birding) is a hobby for many and a passion for some. Housewives (and even househusbands) trapped at home find an outlet by keeping track of the varieties of birds at outdoor feeders. You'll never get bored traveling between cities to--you may even enjoy the trip. Trips across the country become down-right exciting as you search for and find new and different species. You become more in tune with the world, our ecosystem.


  1. I'm elderly and live near a lake in Michigan. In a field across from my home I saw a flock of large white birds feeding where soy beans had been harvested. These birds were very big and white. They flew off in a group before I could get a picture of them. What large, white bird migrates in a large flock?