07 December 2009

Molt Terminology

Molt has a traditional terminology and a new terminology. The traditional terminology did not always work well outside the Northern Hemisphere and does not take into accounts places where there is no winter, but, say a dry and a wet season. Also, many species don't breed in their first nuptial plumage. The new terminology, developed by Humphrey and Parks, is increasingly being used to describe molt.

traditional terminology / new terminology
natal down / natal down
postnatal molt / prejuvenile molt
juvenile plumage / juvenile plumage
post juvenile molt / first prebasic molt
first winter plumage / first basic plumage
first prenuptial molt / first prealternate molt
first nuptual plumage / first alternate plumage
first post nuptial molt / second prebasic molt
second winter plumage / second basic plumage
etc.... etc...

Great Crested Flycatcher

1 comment:

  1. I think it bears mention, the terminology here is not in line with the revised HP system. Juvenile plumage is better thought of as 1st basic.